Designing your perfect patio is a crucial step in making your home feel like yours. An outdoor living space brings so much to your home and can help elevate your living area. Not only does a beautiful outdoor space add value to your home, they help expand your living spaces and create an outdoor oasis. When it comes to designing the perfect patio, there are several things to consider. And, as a patio paving supplier in Hull, we’re here to give you the best tips. 

Choosing the Right Patio Paving Slabs 

Here at Venus Stone, we have a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from for your patio. We offer a huge range of porcelain paving options as well as natural stone options like sandstone and limestone — each option comes with its benefits and properties. 
When you’re choosing a paving option for your patio, it’s important to research which is best suited for your needs. Sandstone and limestone paving slabs are both natural stone which has taken thousands of years to form, offering an extremely durable and hard-wearing option that has been used for many years. 
Porcelain paving is an option that has been rising in popularity, it mimics the appearance, designs and texture of natural stone that comes with all the modern conveniences. However, porcelain paving is typically more expensive than natural stone alternatives. 
There is a huge range of benefits for both natural stone patios and porcelain patios, so researching which is best for your environment is crucial. 

Designing for Functionality 

Once the perfect slabs have been decided, it’s time to think about the functionality of your patio. A couple of things to consider are who will be using the patio and what conditions the patio will be exposed to throughout the year. 
One of the best things about natural and porcelain patios is that they look their best all year round, having fabrics and features to complement the patio throughout the whole year is essential. 
You also want to consider the space available on the patio, you want to try and avoid a cluttered patio not only to make it look as good as possible but also to create a safe and functional environment. 

Adding Personal Focal Points 

As previously mentioned, you want your patio to make your home feel more like home. This can easily be achieved by adding some personal focal points, creating an outdoor living area you never want to leave. 
Whether it’s some furniture you fell in love with or perhaps a green wall to add some colour, there are endless ways to add a focal point to your patio. Another great way to add a main focal point is a fire pit/fire pace, porcelain and natural stone slabs are both extremely durable and heat resistant. 
If you’re searching for a reliable patio paving supplier, we have a huge range available online and also in our showroom. Start the journey of creating your perfect patio paving with Venus Stone. 
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