Porcelain paving is one of the most beautiful additions that can be made to any garden and living area. Porcelain paving beautifully mimics the appearance of natural stone and comes in a huge range of stunning colours and designs to match any garden aesthetic. The demand for porcelain paving has been increasing for years, but why has porcelain paving become so popular? 

Contemporary Design & Wide Range 

Porcelain paving offers a much more contemporary look and feel to other traditional paving options such as natural stone and concrete. Thanks to recent advances in porcelain inkjet printing technology, huge expansions have been made with what is now available and the design and style options with porcelain paving. Take a look at our huge range of porcelain paving options to see for yourself! 

Harmonious Transitions 

A huge benefit to porcelain tiles is the harmonious transition they can create between outdoor and indoor living spaces. Typically, a lot of the time, porcelain tiles can be matched with an indoor tile to allow a natural flow between the two settings. 


If you’re looking for more ways to improve the carbon footprint around your home, porcelain paving is the perfect option when developing your garden. Because they’re made from natural raw materials, minimal waste is produced — the waste produced is typically recycled back into the manufacturing process. 
Porcelain paving slabs also contain no harmful agents, resins or varnishes which can damage the environment. 

Low Maintenance 

There are many reasons why porcelain paving requires such low maintenance. The first is due to the low porosity, meaning it’ll absorb extremely little water - unlike alternate options which vary in porosity and as a result require more maintenance to keep your patio looking fresh. 
The second reason is that porcelain paving does not need sealing, unlike natural stone paving options. Porcelain tiles slabs also don’t require specialist cleaning products for general cleaning; this can be done with a mop and warm soapy water. However, if you do require something slightly stronger, we would highly recommend our tried and tested range of paving accessories! 
Porcelain paving is also UV resistant, meaning that the colour will not fade due to sun exposure, keeping your garden looking its best all year round! As well as being UV resistant, porcelain slabs are also stain, scratch and spillage resistant. Making them an extremely hard wearing option. 

Porcelain Paving in Hull 

If you’re ready to transform your garden into your dream living outdoor area all year round, here at Venus Stone, we have a huge range of porcelain paving solutions available online and in our showroom! 
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