Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I seal my sandstone on the driveway?

We strongly advise that any type of stone used on a driveway is sealed prior to application with one of our sealers. You will also need to install a deeper sub-base for a driveway. Please speak to one of our sales team for further information.

My paving is not the same colour as your pictures or the sample I received, why?

Colours depicted on our website are as accurate as modern technology allows. Tonal variations are evident in all manufactured and natural stone products, we therefore recommend that colours are judged from actual materials. Our samples are for guidance only and can vary dramatically in texture, colour, tone & finish from batch to batch, and from samples seen. 

Do you have a laying guide?

Yes we do click here.

How do I clean my stone?

There are many ways to clean paving stone including a stuff brush and water, to a diluted bleach mixture. However, we would highly recommend using out Nexus Patio Cleaner.

How do I lay my paving?

Visit our Help & Advice page for in depth information about how to lay your paving slabs, including laying patterns for project packs.

How do I point my Indian sandstone, limestone or other natural stone paving products?

There are different products available as well as different pointing techniques. Ranging from the old fashioned sand and cement mix to the more popular pointing products on the market like Nexus ProJoint. These products are designed to be quick, clean and DIY friendly. Click here to see our full range of pointing products.

Are Venus Stone’s products ethically sourced?

Venus Stone’s prides its self in sourcing all their own products, and works closely with all suppliers to give support to them to continually improve the conditions for workers. We pay regular visits to supplier’s production sites.

Do Venus Stone have a showroom I can visit?

Venus Stone prides its self with our showroom on site, we believe we have one of the best display in the country of Natural Indian sandstone, Granite Paving, Slate Paving and Circle patio sets.

We strongly encourage all customers to visit our showroom if possible. There is no better way to choose your paving then seeing the stone installed and pointed; it will give you a much better idea of what you’re buying rather than looking at photo’s or a small sample. 

Is Natural Indian sandstone stone suitable for my driveway?

Unlike other companies we supply our paving in different thickness to suite everyone’s need and budget. Venus Stone’s paving slabs in 25-35mm is suitable for Driveways.

Please speak to one of our sales representative who will be happy to advise you.


Do I need to order extra slabs for wastage?

We recommend that customers order an additional 10% extra for wastage. This will prevent your project being held up in the event of breakages or damage’s on arrival. It also means that you can discard the odd paver that you don’t like the look of due to natural colour variation or veining. 

Do I have to buy a full crate? I only need a small amount of material.

Not at all – just buy the quantity that you need plus 10% extra. Venus Stone supply by the M2 so you don’t pay more than you need to. We are happy to split down our crates paving stone to suite your needs. If you need helping working out how many square meters you require, just give us a call.

Is natural stone better than concrete?

Natural Stone and Concrete are two entirely different products but the advantages of using natural stone generally outweigh concrete. Natural stone will weather naturally over time, often getting better with age, whereas concrete can lose its original colour quickly. If a concrete paver is chipped or damaged then unsightly concrete and aggregate will be left on display, unlike natural stone which is a consistent colour throughout the depth of the slab. 

I have children/pets– is natural stone suitable?

Venus Stone has a natural stone solution for every project. One of our expert sales advisor will be able to assist in helping you to choose the best product to suit your needs. We strongly advise that natural stone is sealed to assist with maintenance and cleaning in the future and this is even more important in high-traffic areas. You can view our range of sealants by clicking here.

Does natural stone retain its original colour? 

When exposed to natural sunlight your stone will weather giving an even more natural appearance which often involves some level of colour change. This is a positive change to the natural stone as it looks better for age. Some stones are more likely to colour changes, such as the Midnight Black, Kappa Black and Black Limestone. These stones tend to lose their colour and turn grey fairly quickly when exposed to sunlight. This can suite some customer’s taste, however if you’d like your stone to retain its original colour, you can apply a sealer, our range can be found here.

Please speak to one of our sales representative who can arrange to have your sealer delivered with your paving.

Is stone paving slippery?

Venus Stone carefully select products with slip-resistance in mind. You may have noticed that some of our products have different surface finishes such as sawn, shotblasted, flamed or honed. As well as changing the appearance of the stone, these options provide extra grip. 

Some stones have a natural riven surface known as hand cut, this type of texture don’t require an additional slip-resistant finish, however It is important to ensure that algae is kept under control and removed from any paving stones immediately as this can make any paving slippery.

Which way up should I lay my Granite Paving?

Granite Stone should always be laid with the flamed side up, unless there is any other finish you have chosen. If in doubt one of our sales representatives will be happy to help.


Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all our prices include VAT. If you are VAT exempt (0%), please contact us as we can perform such transactions.

How do I unpack a crate of paving safely?

The slabs of paving are stacked in a wooden crate almost like a loaf of bread. If you continually take slabs from one side of the crate then you run the risk of the pack tipping over. We advise that where possible slabs should be taken from the centre of the pack to spread out the weight evenly over the crate. As the crate starts to empty it advised that you move some of the remaining slabs to the empty side to prevent the crate tipping up due to uneven weight distribution caused by the slabs being removed.

Do you offer trade accounts?

Yes, we offer exclusive discounts and offers to our trade members. You can apply for a trade account here.

Do you fit or install any of your products?

Venus Stone do not install paving, however, we may be able to recommend a landscaper in the East Yorkshire region. 

How much will delivery be?

We charge delivery per pallet for paving stones, our delivery table can be found here. Alternatively, a delivery quote will be shown at the checkout. Items including water features, sealants and resin compounds are delivered free of charge.

Why are you so much cheaper than other paving companies?

Unlike many paving stone companies, here at Venus Stone we deal direct with our suppliers overseas, meaning we eliminate the middle man! We are a small family owned company with few overheads, this way we can pass the savings straight back to you. If you're worried about buying from a small company, you can read some of our customer reviews, here.

Can I collect from you?

Yes, our opening hours are...

  • 8am - 5pm Monday
  • 8am - 5pm Tuesday
  • 8am - 5pm Wednesday
  • 8am - 5pm Thursday
  • 8am - 5pm Friday
  • 9am - 1pm Saturday

Please call beforehand so we can ensure your order is ready to collect. We need a minimum of 24 hours notice for all items collected on a Saturday.

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