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Fair Trade Natural Paving Stone

The #1 Supplier of Quality Paving Stone

Welcome to Venus Stone. The #1 Supplier of Quality Paving Stone in the United Kingdom. We are the exclusive supplier of Bundi Multi in the UK, delivering direct to your door.

Buy in confidence, we support fair workers rights around the world as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

Fair workers rights

At Venus Stone we are very passionate about sourcing the best quality stones from around the world. But that being said we also like to know that all our products are ethically sourced with good workers rights enforced and a fair wage paid.

We go to great lengths to ensure we only source from reputable firms that take care of their employees both from a health & safety and fair wage point of view. We are proud to say we take this extra step very seriously and yes, we do go and visit the mining quarries from time to time to make sure we see this in action with our own eyes.

So please take sometime and browser our extensive ranges of quality stone at great low prices and on them very rare occasion that our product is a little bit more that our competitors you can rest assure that extra cost is going towards fair pay and workers right around the world.

We source Paving Stone from around the world