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Fair Trade Natural Paving Stone

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Welcome to Venus Stone. The #1 Supplier of Quality Paving Stone in the United Kingdom. We are the exclusive supplier of Bundi Multi in the UK, delivering direct to your door.

Buy in confidence, we support fair workers rights around the world as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

Fair workers rights

These beautiful and colourful honed finish steps provide smooth and flat surface creating contemporary look and suit any surroundings. Honed finishing is achieved by polishing and sanding the stones using abrasives, suitable to use in garden or patio.

Sawn and honed bullnose steps are a premium grade step that has subtle veining, and provides a tasteful, refined and elegant addition to any contemporary garden or patio. The edges are machine cut smooth. 

The smooth and even surface boasted by honed Indian sandstone mean tripping over vary terrain is easily avoided, furthermore, it offers a very modern look reminiscent of indoor tiles, it can be utilised to create a modern outdoor space or is equally as effective indoor too. Honed steps must be sealed on the underside with an appropriate paving sealer to ensure water does not seep up into the stone from underneath and create permanent water marks More information on this can be given by our friendly Venus office staff upon request.