Nexus Prosystems ProJoint V75-WT (Epoxy Resin) Mid Grey

A specialist solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for natural stone and concrete paving on pedestrian and vehicular areas with medium to heavy vehicle loads up to 7.5 tonnes.

The two-part epoxy resin system is easily mixed and quickly applied as a slurry to dampened paving. Its high performance means that it is used widely for domestic and commercial projects where medium traffic loading is required.

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Non hazardous

Ensure the surface of the paving is clean prior to application. Check the joints are cleaned out to a depth of 25mm observing a minimum joint width of 3mm, and that the paving is firmly bedded and stable prior to filling joints. Paving should be laid on a permeable bedding mix as Fusion cures when it dries out so water/rain must have a route of escape.

Apply Fusion when ground temperature is above 0°C. Liberally soak the paving first and then empty the mix evenly onto the surface and work quickly into the joints using a brush or squeegee. Mist the surface and compound with a soft spray of water to flush the material down into the joints. Top up any low joints and repeat as necessary. Once the water has drained away then sweep the paving with a fresh soft brush at 45° to the joints, and remove any excess. A trowel or iron can be used to achieve a traditional finish if required. The product can be used in light rain but prolonged and heavy rain will delay the curing process and increase the risk of fluid damage.

Clean all tools after use with water. Fusion may highlight and enhance the natural surface colours and textures of the paving. This is only a temporary effect and weathering and foot traffic accelerate its disappearance. If in doubt test on a small trial area prior to full product application.

Curing Times
Fusion cures on exposure to air. Curing times are dependant on temperature and moisture but as a guide it will set within 24 hours at a temperature of 20°C at 65% humidity. Cold temperatures and moisture will increase curing time significantly.

Store Fusion unopened in cool and dry conditions if possible. However product is not affected by frost and has unlimited shelf life if packaging is protected from punctures. It is advisable to protect the product from high summer temperatures.

Non-hazardous but may cause mild irritation to the skin or respiratory system. People with particularly sensitive skin are advised to wear gloves. Wash hands with warm soapy water after use.

Approximate coverage per 15kg tub
10mm x 25mm Deep: 22.5m2
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