Grigio Chiaro Collection 40 Vitrified Italian Porcelain Paving 20mm 900x600mm

If you’re undecided as to whether to choose a grey or beige tone for your paving Grigio Chiaro (translates as light grey) tiles let you have both! The pale grey/beige colouring will complement any scheme and could be a perfect choice if you're looking to create different looks and zoned areas.
These Porcelain Paving Tiles can be conventionally fixed as but can also be laid loose on soft sand, grass or shingle. The pavers do not need to be fixed as the weight holds them in place, they can also be fixed on raised feet for both drainage and service laying purposes.

Our porcelain is made using the best raw materials that are purified, blended, milled and spray-dried to compose a unique mix. A powerful 7200 tonne press then forms and compacts the slabs, with a force of 450 kg/cm2, giving an ultra-compact body. The final appearance is produced by the colours in the tile body mix, combined with high-definition digital decoration, and thanks to the digital system, the pattern and veins are naturally different in every slab.

The extremely high temperature fitting cycle is controlled by computerised systems, the porcelain then goes through a sintering process which transforms the slab into a water-repellent, non-absorbent solid body. Slab edges are ground to minimal tolerances in the squaring unit at the end of the line.

The benefits of Vitrified Porcelain are as follows:
Frost and heat resistant 
Resistance to heavy foot traffic
Low absorption rate 
Resistance to acid, cleaning products, salts, moss, and mould.
Retains colour
Easy clean
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